Emerald Village Committee (EVC) has changed, to better serve you - our community.
We are now the Emerald Village Association Inc. (EVA).

launching a new way to get your local news and have your say!

Residents! We need you! If you are keen to be a part of the team launching this new site for Emerald please contact us!

Why do we need this website?

  1. Whether you are a resident, business or community group, Emerald Village Association represents YOU.

  2. Emerald Village News is a news feed from the Emerald Village Association. It will be compatible on all devices - iPads and iPhones etc.

  3. Emerald Village News will keep you informed of council planning, events and proposed projects.

  4. Emerald Village News is a forum where  residents, business' and community groups have a cost effective, environmentally friendly opportunity to present news, ideas, events and projects, through Vimeo, stories and advertising.

  5. Together, Emerald Village News, Emerald Village Association and YOU can ensure all sections of our community are represented and given the opportunity to flourish.